Stockholm – Cirkus

The Stockholm Cirkus is the largest private theater in the Nordic countries, a concert and event scene at Djurgården in Stockholm. It was opened on May 25, 1892, to accommodate the great circus society of the past. Today, Circus has space for 1,650 seated guests and, in addition to theater, concerts and shows, congresses and fairs are organized. The circus building was listed as a monument in 1983. In the autumn of 2015 a new built-up scene, Skandiascenen, was added to the old building. Although it is a big contrast the architect has managed to ensure the original structure is not over shadowed or badly altered.

This Circus was built in 1890-91 by the architect and builder Ernst Haegglund. On the site, there once was an older circus building, called the Mothanders riding school, which was demolished to make room for this building. However, parts of the old foundations were used in the new building. The circular building with the prominent entrance hall is built in a colorful architecture in red tiles and yellow pots and is adorned with rounded wall openings, risalites and tower-like roofs. Dominating is the auditoriums dome with lantern. The auditorium was built as an amphitheater with about 2000 seats. The glazed, carpeted porch in front of the building was originally open and led to a Swiss house that had direct access to the auditorium.

The crowned pine sculpture, qvadrigan, was made by Carl Johan Dyfverman. In the years 1931-32, the house was converted to theater after drawings by the architect Torsten Stubelius. Then a regular scene was added and the spectator seats were rearranged to offer better views. In 1997, a rebuilding was made for a more flexible stage and auditorium solution with new artist dressing rooms and new entrance building.

In the old days many big circus names performed in the building. Such as Circus Houcke owned by the Swedish/French horse trainer Jean Houcke, but also Cirkus Schumann. During a televised clowns gala many of the greatest clowns of the 70’s made an appearance in the building: Charlie Rivel, Joe Jackson jr., George Carl, The Chicky’s, The Rastelli’s, Pompoff and Teddy, Pio Nock, Walter Galetti and the comical daredevil Fattini.


Djurgårdsslätten 43-45
115 21 Stockholm