Oleg Popov

In 2015 Piet-Hein Out was asked to create several graphic designs for the Weltcircus Festival that would take place in Essen (NRW) Germany. Star of the show would be the world’s most famous clown, the Russian circus legend Oleg Popov. For this reason Piet-Hein Out was summoned to go to Popov’s home to do a photoshoot with him. The shoot led to Piet-Hein being asked to design birthday invitations to Oleg’s 85th birthday party, which he also attended.

Being the ringmaster at the Weltcircus Festival also led to a friendship between Out and Oleg and his wife Gabi. When Oleg suddenly died at age 86 Piet-Hein Out was asked to design the memorial cards and naturally also attended the funeral service. He was also presented when Oleg his tomb memorial statue was inaugurated by Gabi and its creator the Russian sculptor Alexander Markin.

These pictures are an homage to Oleg and his work. I respected him enormously and had great fun with him. Rest in peace Oleg.

Piet-Hein Out