München – Circus Krone-Bau

In June 1962 the Circus Krone Building in Munich is demolished. It was the second building on this site, the Marsstrasse, and quickly erected after the original Krone building was destroyed during a WWII bombardment in December 1944.

Architect Ludwig Galitz already aided the Circus Krone for several construction project in Munich from around the 1950’s. He helped rebuild the stables and a parking space. For the Wessling Estate near Munich, also owned by the Family Krone, he designed new buildings and stables as well.

In May 1961 the first plans are made for a new circus building to replace the quickly improvised and improved Post-War Krone building. It is a U-shape auditorium with a stage besides a ring in the old tradition of using a circus building as a theater as well. It has big balconies and can seat 5000 people.

The plans are dismissed by Krone. Although the numbers of spectators have gone up after the War. The family is modest and does not want to run the risk of having to play for a circus auditorium that is half filled. Not only could it influence atmosphere and press reviews, it might also demotivate the performers. Back to the drawing board but a plan to remodel the improvised building is also binned. A new circus building is the only option (also because if increasing safety regulations). Hence in June 1962 the old Krone building is demolished and at the 25th of December 1962 the circus plays in its brand new auditorium. The roof covers a width of 50 meters using a pressure ring around to hold everything together. In February 1963 the second part of construction consisting of a rehearsal ring and Wardrobe complex is realized.

Today this building still stands proud and is arguably just as important to the people of Munich as their beloved Oktoberfest.


Circus Krone-Bau
Marsstrasse 43
80335 München