Linköping – Cirkus

Cirkus in Linköping is a former circus building opened in 1912.

Two other simple circus buildings were constructed for shorter periods in the 19th century Linköping. The first was a simple wooden building at the ranger AP Andersson’s restaurant at Stångån, built in 1884. The second building stood in vacant lot at the railway park, with space for 600 spectators, in the latter part of the 1880’s. Like the other remaining Swedish cities Linköping decided to built a larger red-brick building with glass dome to host guest circus company performances and other events. Less of a fire hazard. Behind the building stood E G son Allard, Carl Andersson, A E Torell and the builder Erik Andersson. Architect was Nils Meijer.

The building was opened September 27, 1912 with a gala performance of Circus Orlando, including five lions, royal bengal tigers and a dozen horses. At the ground floor a circus café was opened, which is still there. Amongst a varied range of entertainments that used the building a speech by prospective Prime Minister Per-Albin Hansson in the building in 1918 is quite significant to show the importance the building had for the community.

In 1927, the focus was changed, the original interior was torn out and a new intermediate floor was built with a new auditorium, where various entertainment events, boxing gigs and such were organized. A car garage was housed on the ground floor, which meant that the building was also referred to as the Circus garage. In 1959 the entertainment business ceased its activities and the building was taken over by Forslund’s car company and became a car hall.

After a lively debate in the early 1980’s, new renovations were made to today’s office space. However, the exterior of the building is largely unchanged. In more recent years the insurance company Folksam acquired the office space and restored a big part of the building. They also made sure to include circus elements in the interior as well as a picture and history of the building at the entrance thus embracing and honoring the circus history. Well done Folksam!


Cirkus Linköping
Platensgatan 29
582 20 Linköping