Julinek – Państwowa Szkoła Sztuki Cyrkowej

After the Second World War , the National Directorate of Circuses was established, based in Łódź, the first traveling circuses were also created (from 1949 as part of the United Entertainment Enterprises ). In 1950, the circus base with training and technical facilities was established in Julinek, in 1967 the State Circus School was also established at the circus base in Julinek.The decision to set up a school was preceded by many years of efforts and aspirations of a wide activist of lighted, often nameless artists and activists who in the creation of a state school educating new cadres saw the only way to raise the status of circus artist and the rank and professional stability of circus artists in Poland. See the pictures of the Circus Base here >>

By virtue of Regulation No. 13 of the Ministry of Interior and Administration of February 3, 1971, the school’s name was changed to the State Circus School , which was a two-year post-secondary art school of the second degree. PSC graduates received the diploma of a circus actor in a specific specialty. The study could accept 35 listeners who were given a place in the dormitory. The curriculum consisted of 18 subjects, implemented in the total weekly time for the student – 30 hours and two optional hours for foreign language.

The school was located on the circus base in Julinek until august 1999. At that point the school moved to the Polish capital Warsaw. The new location at ul. Narbutta 65/71 in the building of Junior High School No. 2 in Mokotów started on September 1, 1999. The school’s governing body is the Minister of Culture. The Center for Artistic Education is the body that supervises the activities of the School.

Teaching and educational activities at the above-mentioned address were conducted until January 31, 2010 . In order to improve the conditions of the school’s operation, at the initiative of Director Jerzy Kasprzykowski , the school’s headquarters were moved to the CKU facilities No. 3 at ul. Kajetana Sołtyka 8/10 in Warsaw. However this location also proved not to be ideal. From On 1 November 2014 , thanks to the efforts of the Director Jerzy KASPRZYKOWSKI the school returned to the facilities of the former Circus base in Julinek. Where it still is located today.

Circus school directors

JULINEK 1967 – 1969 – mgr. Leon PIETRUCH 1969 – 1974 – MA Stanisław PIETRUCH 1974 – 1981 – MA Januariusz MALCZEWSKI 1981 – 1984 – Janusz MITURA, MA 1984 – 1991 – MA Bronisław RYBAŁKO 1991 – 1999 – MA Anna BORKOWSKA

WARSAW ul. Narbutta 1999 – 2008 – MA Janusz MITURA 2008 – 2010 – MA Jerzy KASPRZYKOWSKI

WARSAW ul. Soltyka 2010 – 2014 – MA Jerzy KASPRZYKOWSKI

JULINEK 2014 – XI 2016 – MA Jerzy KASPRZYKOWSKI XI 2016 – nowadays – Piotr Tomczak

PSSC – STATE SCHOOL OF CIRCUS ART PSSC – Państwowa Szkoła Sztuki Cyrkowej Julinek 1 05-084 Julinek www.cyrkowa.edu.pl