Elbeuf – Cirque Théâtre

The Cirque Théâtre of Elbeuf, France is one of the last circus buildings with an Italian stage left in the world.


The first circus building in Elbeuf was erected around 1831 and made out of wood, paper and canvas. In 1853 the state of the building was described as “Solidity douteuse” which means doubtful solidity it was also considered a fire hazard and thus stood empty.

It wasn’t until 1889 that a company was founded to answer the demand for a stone circus in Elbeuf. Several projects and designs were drawn up and dismissed before the Société Nouvelle du Cirque-Théâtre Elbeuvien found the project they wanted to fund.

After six months of construction the building was inaugurated on the 1st of September 1892. It had a capacity of 2200 spectators. The circus ring of 13 meters was surrounded by a seven sided grandstand. Besides the circus ring the building also featured a proper theater stage.


2 Rue Augustin Henry
76500 ELBEUF

Pictures taken on:
17 September 2023