Circus Buildings

Manège -Scène National Reims Circus Photographer Piet-Hein Out

Le Manège, Reims

Le Manège, Reims – France History In 1880 the city youth asked for an equestrian riding school to be build. Several years later the Lord Mayor Édouard Werlé (1801-1884) took this idea and took it to the next level. He created the concept with a combination of a gymnasium, riding school and permanent circus. He …

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Brighton Hippodrome Inside the dome by Circus photographer Piet-Hein Out

Hippodrome, Brighton

Hippodrome, Brighton What started out as an Ice-rink became a circus designed by the famous English theater and circus architect Frank Matcham. After a refurbishment it functioned as a theater from 1902 to 1964 after which it became a bingo hall from 1967 to 2006. For years it was a derelict building for which several …

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Circusbuilding Cirque Royal Brussels by Piet-Hein Out

Cirque Royal, Brussels

Cirque Royal, Brussels The Cirque Royal is a theater in Brussels inaugurated in 1878. It was then the only permanent circus in Brussels. Since the 1950s, there has been a succession of concerts and ballets on the program (particularly initiated in the 1960s by the Ballet du XXe siècle by the famous choreographer Maurice Béjart). …

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Académie Fratellini, Paris

Académie Fratellini, Paris Annie Fratellini The Fratellini Family is a well known circus family in France. After the immense popularity of the Trio Fratellini Clowns. The Clown trio consisted of Paul (1877–1940), François Fratellini (1879–1951) and Albert Fratellini (1886–1961). On of their descendants was Annie Violette Fratellini (1932–1997), fourth generation granddaughter of Paul and daughter …

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Cirkus, Stockholm

The Stockholm Cirkus is the largest private theater in the Nordic countries, a concert and event scene at Djurgården in Stockholm. It was opened on May 25, 1892, to accommodate the great circus society of the past. Today, Circus has space for 1,650 seated guests and, in addition to theater, concerts and shows, congresses and …

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Cirkus, Linköping

Cirkus in Linköping is a former circus building opened in 1912. Two other simple circus buildings were constructed for shorter periods in the 19th century Linköping. The first was a simple wooden building at the ranger AP Andersson’s restaurant at Stångån, built in 1884. The second building stood in vacant lot at the railway park, …

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