Brighton – Brighton Hippodrome

What started out as an Ice-rink became a circus designed by the famous English theater and circus architect Frank Matcham. After a refurbishment it functioned as a theater from 1902 to 1964 after which it became a bingo hall from 1967 to 2006.

For years it was a derelict building for which several plans have been made. From hotel to cinema with 5 screens. Locals rallied as they preferred to see the Brighton Hippodrome back in use as a theater again. Over the last decade however the ownership of the building changed several times as did the plans. The state of the building became worse and worse. Finally in September 2020 a local family company named Matsim Properties stepped in and purchased the building. They started a big renovation and in the spring of 2023 Circus Photographer Piet-Hein Out was allowed acces to the building during the renovation works.

The entire roof had been made waterproof again. Inside the auditorium the plaster decorations that had been damaged or completely destroyed by the leaky roof were restored. New exact plaster replica decorations were created on the spot. It was clear that many of the local craftsmen and painters were extremely proud to contribute to the restoration of the Brighton Hippodrome. We are looking forward to see what the future holds in store for this magnificent building.

History Brighton Hippodrome

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Brighton Hippodrome
52 Middle Street
Brighton BN1 1AD
United Kingdom

Pictures taken on: 3 April 2023