Piet-Hein Out – A passion for circus

Once upon a time there was a young boy who vowed to himself to work in the circus when he was grown up. He made this dream come true and .

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Fun Facts

Piet-Hein Out was the first person in The Netherlands to book graduates of both Dutch circus schools Codarts from Rotterdam and Fontys from Tilburg in a traditional big top circus production featuring animals.

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Piet-Hein Out


Magic Circus

Piet-Hein Out is the Marketing Director of Magic Circus, the Dutch Urban Circus. The oldest and most modern big top circus of The Netherlands. Ever since he took over the marketing and publicity department the Magic Circus has seen the number of visitors improve every season (with exception of the Corona years of course). Skilful branding, unique creative social media posts and a unique marketing mix form a big part of the reasons for this succes.

Zippos Circus in 2024 pictured by Circus Photographer Piet-Hein Out
Zippos Circus

Piet-Hein Out has been Zippos Circus official house photographer since 2012.
Since 2013 he has also been responsible for the design of their souvenir brochure.

Cirque Berserk

Piet-Hein Out has been the official house photographer of Cirque Berserk since 2014.
He is also responsible for the design of their souvenir brochures for theatre tours and the annual run at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.