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Cirkus, Stockholm

The Stockholm Cirkus is the largest private theater in the Nordic countries, a concert and event scene at Djurgården in Stockholm. It was opened on May 25, 1892, to accommodate the great circus society of the past. Today, Circus has space for 1,650 seated guests and, in addition to theater, concerts and shows, congresses and […]

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Cirkus, Linköping

Cirkus in Linköping is a former circus building opened in 1912. Two other simple circus buildings were constructed for shorter periods in the 19th century Linköping. The first was a simple wooden building at the ranger AP Andersson’s restaurant at Stångån, built in 1884. The second building stood in vacant lot at the railway park,

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Krone-Bau, München

In June 1962 the Circus Krone Building in Munich is demolished. It was the second building on this site, the Marsstrasse, and quickly erected after the original Krone building was destroyed during a WWII bombardment in December 1944. Architect Ludwig Galitz already aided the Circus Krone for several construction project in Munich from around the

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Hippodromen, Malmö

The circus legacy of the Hipp has sustained through time, despite the building also having functioned as entertainment venue, church and strip club over the years. Nowadays it is the main location of the Malmö City Theater. Since 1997, guest shows from the circus group Cirkus Cirkör brought back the circus tradition to the Hipp,

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