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Piet-Hein Out

One of Europe’s best circus photographers.
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One of Europe’s best circus photographers
Piet-Hein Out pictured by Hélène Wiesenhaan.

A childhood passion…

Piet-Hein Out was born in Wormerveer in the Zaan region just north of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Whilst growing up in Koog a/d Zaan he visited his first circus in Wormerveer in 1987.

In 1993 Piet-Hein Out took his first circus pictures at the American Circus of the Togni family on the Stadionplein in Amsterdam and at that winter at the Wereldkerstcircus in the Royal Theatre Carré, a former circus building.

It was the start of Out combining his two passions: circus and photography. It also meant that Piet-Hein celebrated his 30 year jubilee as a circus photographer in 2023.

Koninklijk Theater Carré Wereldkerstcircus 2023 pictured by Circus Photographer Piet-Hein Out
A special passion

Circus Buildings

Discover the series of (former) circus buildings visited and captured by Piet-Hein Out. Some still in use as a circus, some in ruin, some repurposed.
Tangible circus heritage that deserves protecting.

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