the Circusbuilding of KievThe circusbuilding of Kiev is one of the biggest circus buildings in the world. In June 2011 I visited the Golden Trick Circus Festival in Kiev and on the morning of the 11th of June I decided to take a look at the circus building, even though in the summer time they do not give any shows. I was lucky enough to be received by the director of the Ukrainian State Circus the world famous wild animal trainer Vladimir Shevchenko. He gave the orders to put on the lights inside the auditorium so I could take some pictures. I was even permitted to take a picture of him sitting behind his desk in his office. 

On October 24th 2012 Vladimir Shevchenko passed away, his wife Ludmilla took over his duties as General Director of the Ukrainian State Circus.

Ring of the Circusbuilding of Kiev Former Director of the Ukrainian State Circus and wild animal trainer Vladimir Shevchenko in his office


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